Fuck I’m walking downtown and I pass a group of guys staring at me and I think “great catcall time” but then one guy goes “you look like you could kill a man a million different ways with just your bare hands”. This. This is an acceptable comment to give a girl on the street.


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01.Sep.14 1 hour ago
01.Sep.14 1 hour ago

"No straight man wants his anus tickled"



aubrey will not stand for this.

Drake loves having his anus tickled

01.Sep.14 1 hour ago


me on tumblr: i hate when women get called hoes and bitches and get treated poorly ugh makes my blood boil URRRGH men are pigs im a feminist till i die

girls: yeah! 

me: glad u agree haha i guess we have a lot in common (: you got a snapchat? kik? skype?

girls: no!

me: fuck girls man i stand up for them and they treat me like shit fuck these hoes ain’t loyal

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my cinnamon apple is out there somewhere

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01.Sep.14 1 hour ago